Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slime Saga Submitted For Your Scrutiny.

In the literary world when an author releases a new book they have a party and celebrate the launch and aspiring success of the book. I intern am but a humble author and the launch of the latest Skunk-Guy novel “The Sensational Slime Saga” will be heralded far more modestly.
The book is currently available at the Skunk-Guy web-site but it should show up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble before Thanksgiving, just in time for Christmas, the perfect stinking stocking stuffer.
Now that the book is available I would appreciate any feedback that you the readers may care to express.
Reviews are always a risky thing to ask for because you face the possibility of rejection. But I think that an honest review of what you thought about the book is really a compliment in itself. Because the reader took the book seriously enough to read and think about what they read tells the author that what they wrote is important.
So go get some goldfish crackers, maybe some popcorn and a soda and give this new gooey book a read and have your own private book release party. Then let me know what you think.