Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Self Published Taboo

As the release of the second Skunk-Guy book is now underway. I find myself examining options to promote it. I have set out a local press release, (that is now available on the NEWS page at I am scouring the book review websites, which I will submit copies for their review. But I have noticed a myriad of reader blogs that are wonderful. Their review of books comes from their love of reading. They are honestly critical and supportive with each book they discuss. These web-sites are really a great resource for finding a good book or book series or what books to avoid.
I would like to put a challenge out to these reading blogsters. Upon reading your blogs I have been exposed to books that I have never even heard of that have proven to be wonderful finds.
All of these books are published by mainstream publishers however. What I would like to propose is that you would devote some small portion of your reviews and examine some self published books. Now granted their probably is a lot of bad stuff out there but there is also probably some hidden gems. I would like to think that Skunk-Guy would be a gem, but I'll never know until someone puts it through the ringer. By giving some attention to the self published market you might actually open doors for some good books that never got a chance.
It's risky, I know. I don't think a blog tour would be appropriate but if you honestly looked around for books that were self published, every now and again you just might be pleasantly surprised.