Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skunk-Guy III Now Available

I haven't posted for quite a while and there is a number of developments to report.
First is the fact that the third Skunk-Guy novel is out.

Skunk-Guy: Skunk On The Run is available to order at
This latest edition has Skunk-Guy running for his life. He finds himself wanted by the police and when he tries to prove his innocence it turns out to be a deadly trap. Pretty heavy stuff for a fourteen year old.
This story introduces the Skunk Squad. An element brought in from the real life exploits of the original Stinking Stalker of so many years ago. Many people had called into WOWO radio back then wanting to be part of the fun. They were eventually sworn in as Skunk Scouts. These callers were caught up in the fun of it all and each one added their own quality to the Skunk-Guy legacy.
From a story stand point the idea of the local community being active crime watchers for Skunk-Guy has a lot of potential for adventure and comedy.
Another development was an enchanting feature article posted in the Fort Wayne News Sentinel. As a result of this article I have been reconnected to a couple of old friends that I haven't seen in decades. You can read the article by clicking on the link over on the right.
Outside of the Skunk-Guy saga I had the thrilling experience of having a stage play, that I had written produced. You can't imagine the excitement of hearing your words coming out of other peoples mouths. I will post more about that later.
If you have read any of the Skunk-Guy books and would like to post a review please let me know where you have posted the review. Or if you would like you can post the review in the comments window here and I will move it to a review web site.
That's all for now.

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You are amazing! So glad to see you realizing your dreams! Still remember enjoying your talents years ago with your remarkable rendition of the Screwtape Letters! Keep creating--and congrats!