Saturday, May 21, 2011

Skunk-Guy Goes Looney

One of the great things that I love about the Skunk-Guy legacy is that it draws people in. It creates a sort of game that people want to play along with. Contributing their bit whether it be a bad pun, a story line, the name of some villian or just a query to become a Skunk Scout.
I would like to introduce you to the latest Skunk Fever victim that I have had the pleasure of running into. Her name is Maeghan Looney.
One Saturday morning I logged into my Facebook page and found some very unexpected beautiful illustrations of the Stinking Stalker himself.
Her style as you can see is distinctive it can be very dramatic or adorable. She has a very sharp technique with the wit in her layout and use of space.
I was knocked over to see someone take Skunk-Guy and make him look so cool.
I had known Maeghan less than a year. We were in a stage play called An Inspector Calls. We had chatted a bit about our mutual interest in writing and drawing. I had showed her the Skunk-Guy books and she mentioned she liked the costume design. Then the run of the play was over and we went our separate ways.
But when I saw her take on the outfit and the character I was floored. I am long over due to update my webpage and you can believe me that these illustrations will definitely take a prominent place on the site. Very nice work Maeghan. Now if I could only get you to illustrate an entire graphic novel.

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