Friday, June 10, 2011

From Skunks to Turtles.

As a writer I have recently stepped out and tried my hand at play writing. It is a different medium than book writing mainly because with a book the writing process is completed once the book is finished. With a play the work really isn't completed without a staging of the play.
I have been very fortunate with my play Turtle Soup. Its a comedic reenactment of a true life occurrence that took place in Churubusco Indiana back in 1949. The cast we assembled for this production has been invaluable to me. No one scrutinizes a play more than a theater director and a group of actors. If you are open minded and listen to the feed back you get back it really helps to sharpen the piece.
As a playwright you know what you want to come across to an audience, but at times we can become blinded to how something is actually working on stage. The cast helps you to see the work through eye other than your own. So much was added to the story that I am convinced that the rehearsals of the premier production are just as essential to the writing process.
The cast we assembled for Turtle Soup has been so enthusiastic and insightful. I would like to post a special thank you to everyone.
Terry and Lisa Ellis.
Dennis and Lauren Nichols
Elijah Knapp
Ron Stauss
John G. Jedinak
Joel Miller
Rayna Long
Levi Rossiter
Jeff Salisbury
I have spent so much of my writing time with Skunk-Guy and the Flinch family that is was a nice break to move over to some other characters. Both stories take place in the same Indiana area. But completely different time periods. And strangely enough both stories are centered around a person who is obsessed. Seems to be a prevailing theme with my work.

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